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Liverpool String Academy UK Early Music Programmes

At EMAE we believe that irrespective of age, background and training, the study of Early Music has the potential to transform individual lives through the acquisition of specialised knowledge and skills, and the development of cultural, social and economic relations.

The Liverpool String Academy (LSA) brings social, cultural and educational opportunities to young string players on Merseyside across the socio-economic spectrum via a highly disciplined training in Early Music, with a view to enhancing their musical and personal development. 

Liverpool String Academy (LSA)

The Liverpool String Academy offers to select violin, viola, cello and double-bass players aged 8 to 18 specialist education in historically informed performance and ensemble music (with particular emphasis on the music of the ‘long eighteenth century’, from Corelli to Schubert) under the guidance of expert theoreticians and practitioners.

To become Early Music specialists in their own right, LSA students have to apply themselves over a prolonged period to develop new techniques of bowing and fingering as well as a distinct musical sensibility more suited to the specific repertoires that are the object of their studies.

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