Our Academy offers to young string players complimentary, specialist education in Musicianship, String Playing and Ensemble Music at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. 


Liverpool Parish Church

Intermediate & Advances

Liverpool Parish Church

EMAE string players


Liverpool Parish Church

Liscard Primary School

Intermediate & Advanced

Thursdays 5-9pm


Wednesday & Thursdays


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Liverpool Parish Church

FORA Borough

Beginner & Intermediate

Saturdays 2-6pm



Gives Opportunities

EMAE works with young people from a wide variety of social and educational backgrounds. By challenging perceived cultural barriers, it fosters participation and confidence. It also provides the opportunity for recognition for those young people who do not thrive in the traditional routes in our region, i.e. through sporting or mainstream cultural success.

At EMAE we believe that irrespective of age, background and training, the study of Early Music has the potential to transform individual lives through the acquisition of specialised knowledge and skills, and the development of cultural, social and economic relations.

Fosters Innovation

Provides Experiences

EMAE offers to its young students a wide range of educational experiences on a national and international level. Music Residencies abroad and one-day masterclasses 

Makes Harmony

EMAE delivers wider personal development and growth alongside increased musical skills. As social opportunity often comes from work and recreation together, EMAE gathers young people from different backgrounds in weekly tutorials and classes, regular seminars and international residencies.