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Past Events

Since July 2017 the Early Music Youth Orchestra has performed several beautiful concerts. Under the leadership of our Director Alberto Sanna and our tutors, the young musicians have shown their talent to UK and international audiences alike.


Here are some highlights of these performances. Many more will come!



24 July 2022

Final Concert

Sounds in the Park 2022

7 August 2022

France Music Residency Final Concert 
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontaine-Guérard

24 June-10 July 2022

Chamber Music Concerts
Sounds in the Park 2022

15 November 2021

'Close Up Concert'

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

National Museums Liverpool

Liverpool String Academy Launch

27 November 2021

10 July 2021

Gairloch Community Hall

Gairloch, Scotland

1 August 2021

The Wondering Fiddlers

Sounds in the Park 2021

20-24 June 2021

'Stabat Mater'

Sounds in the Park 2021

21 December 2020

Christmas Concert

Liverpool Parish Church

31 August 2020

Liverpool Without Walls

Liverpool City Centre

21 November 2019

Fora Borough, London

'Almost There'

12 July 2019

Institute of Italian Culture in Barcelona, Catalunia, Spain

'Work in progress (Obras)'

26 January 2019

Liverpool Parish Church

19 July 2018

Piazza San Nicola, Tolentino, Italy

'The Making of a little Orchestra'

23 February 2018

Mary Olgivie Lecture Theatre,
St Anne's College, University of Oxford

1 July 2017 

Inaugural Concert at the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool

5-6 August 2021

'La Serva Padrona'

Sounds in the Park 2021

18 June 2022

Workshop Liverpool-London String Academy

14 May 2022

Inaugural Concert

Sounds in the Park 2022

Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Concert Liverpool


Early Music as Education began its activities, running a successful trial programme between March and June involving twelve students from three schools, working with four tutors.

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